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 Presto! presents “The Case of the Vanishing Viola”,  a program of music and magic, tailored to grades K-6. In this story, two  musicians hire a detective to help find their viola, which has vanished.  Unbeknownst to them, the detective is really a magician in  disguise, and it is he who is responsible for the viola’s disappearance.  The program features the music of Mozart, Beethoven and  others, with feats of magical fun throughout.  As the story unfolds, students learn about the different instruments of the string family,  elements of music making and note reading, the importance of hard work in achieving one’s goals, and the value of cooperation.

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    Presto! and the "Mixed up Music": Someone has played a magical joke on the musicians of Presto!, a string trio, and now their music is all messed up! If they want to fix  the music in time for their concert, the trio will have to solve a series of musical riddles. Using their signature blend of great music,    magic, and fun, plus some help from the audience, the performers unlock the secrets of the riddles while teaching the musical  concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, and dynamics. Best for grades K-6.


 “The students loved it. It was a big hit with an engaging narrative. The children learned the
consequences of actions and learned lots about music.”

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Assistant Principal Mary Kay Howard

Presto! at Kennedy Center

Presto! from their sold out performances
at the Kennedy Center Family Theater

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