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Dynamic Duo and Presto!

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Kid art

 “The students loved it. It was a big hit with an engaging narrative. The children learned the consequences of actions and learned lots about music.”
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Assistant Principal Mary Kay Howard

“The children were simply spellbound; they recognized true artistry"
Camille Haberland, music teacher at Mosby Woods Elementary School

"This excellent music and magic program hit all the right notes! There was exposure to many different composers and types of music (flawlessly played), audience participation, silliness, suspense, and magic, with tons of music education cleverly snuck in. Karen, Elizabeth and Drew gave joyful performances-- you can tell they love what they do, and they love working with children. The kids and adults were fully engaged throughout, and I have received only glowingly positive comments from the parents and kids who attended. The trio stayed after to let kids have a chance to ask questions and see the instruments up close. Behind the scenes, they were friendly, professional and easy to work with; they arrived early and were very well-organized. I highly recommend this program without hesitation and hope to work with them again in the future."
Amy Alpati, Demascus Library

"We chose this group due to our school's partnership with the Kennedy Center. They have a great website showing portions of what they do in the assemblies and send out student activities to prepare the students before they come and present. 
The presentation itself, was very engaging and fun. The students were learning and reviewing about the string family of musical instruments while also being entertained by some magic! It was also very nice that they teach music through story. This is the kind of activities we have going on throughout our school. John Adams would most definitely encourage other DC area schools to bring this wonderfultrio to their students!"

Mark Fort, John Adams Elementary

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